How it works

How FreshBids Auctions Work

International produce auctions

It’s a live dutch auction on the internet that is the price drops until the whole batch is sold or the grower’s reserve is reached. If you are in the flower business you are probably familiar with the clock style of auction:  an auction begins at the starting price and as the clock turns so the price drops.   
Buyers buy when the price drops to a price they are happy with. The price on the clock re-starts at a slightly higher price and then drops again giving other buyers a chance to buy the remaining quantity.
The price on the clock is the landed cost in Australian dollars. The only additional costs are a small administration fee and delivery from the airport to your premises.

If you are a buyer:

Registration is simple Register. All we need is your business name and contact details. Once we have approved your registration we will send you an email with your bidder number and you are ready to start buying. How to buy...
Once you have a bidder number you can login to the Buyer section of our web site which will let you:
  • Enter pre-auction bids – this will save you from attending the auction.
  • View your invoices as soon as the auction is over.
  • Pay online to secure shipment.
  • Analyse the auction Catalogue.
  • Plan your purchases as auction schedule will be posted proir to the auction. 
Remember, when you bid on FreshBids you are bidding at your landed cost in your own currency. We have  taken away all the risk of buying from overseas and passed on the benefit of buying direct from the grower. Better product range, better margins and better time mangement!!

If you are a seller:

Please Register.Once we have your contact details we will ring you to discuss your products and the process to get your products listed for auction.
Once we have approved you as a seller you can load your product catalogue on to our platform .You can then login in to the Seller portal of our web site which will let you:
  • Select your produce for auction.
  • Set the quantities on offer and reseve price..
  • View your sales advices as soon as the auction is over.
  • Analyse your sales.
  • Download order sheet and prepare shipment.
In return for your guarantee of quality we guarantee prompt payment  and selling globally means more bidders and better prices!